Spring Skill Development 2018

April 10th to May 31st (8 Weeks)


Registration Fees:

  • $375 – (8 Weeks) Tuesdays 6:15pm – 7:15pm

Instructor – Mark Collins (Bellingham Blazers Head Coach), Jim Stussy (ex-professional player)

Skill Sessions

Explosive Power Skating & Stickhandling: Explosive Skating, Edge Control, Balance, Lateral Movement, Forward & Backward Transitions, Stops & Starts, Cross Overs, Power Turns. Passing, “Soft” Creative Hands, Puck Control, Fakes, High Speed Moves, Expansion of Reach, Saucer Passes, One Touch & Drop Passes

Shooting & Goal Scoring: Scoring Techniques, Accurate & Powerful Wrist, Snap & Slap Shot, Dekes, Quick Release, Redirections, Rebounds & One Timers

Full Gear is required.

Call the Sportsplex at 676-1919 to enroll or Register Online.

Power Skating / Puck Skills

Continue your skill development with USA Hockey Player and Dartmouth Alumni; Alana Collins and Blazers Head Coach Mark Collins. They will be coaching specialized Power Skating and Hockey Skills sessions.  Classes will also consist of full ice games along with controlled scrimmages to game situations.


Power Skating and Games                 cost: $325509

Stride Analysis / Edges / Acceleration / Transitions / Stopping / Video Analysis

Thursdays 6:15 – 7:15pm

Next class TBD



Puck Control, Shooting and Games             cost: $325

Stickhandling / Shooting / Puck Protection / Back hand  / Shooting Analysis

Thursdays 6:15 – 7:15pm

Next class TBDLTPAnthem




Adult Skills Classes                           cost: $65

Stickhandling / Shooting / Skating

2 day classes times and dates TBD