Sportsplex_Soccer_LogoDrop-In Soccer Times

Monday 12:00-1:30pm
Wednesday 12:00-1:30pm
Friday 12:00-1:30pm

Adult = 16 and older

Drop In fee $4.50 (tax included)

Call 676-1919 ext 101 to reserve your spot

Reservations can be made by Sportsplex members.
Unclaimed reserve spots are given away 10 minutes after start time.

Sportsplex Debit Account

The Sportsplex has an in-house debit account offering a discount. You load money onto the card and your session fee is deducted when you participate in an activity. You deposit money in increments of $40.00. For every $40.00 you put on your card you are given an extra credit of $10.00—that amounts to a 20% bonus! You get a $50.00 value for your investment of $40.00. The in-house debit account will be under your name, so should you lose the card you can still access the funds.

Sportsplex Membership

The Sportsplex offers an annual membership which has benefits. Good for one year, the membership card costs $15.50.

  • $1.00 discount for each attendance at a drop in event (soccer, skating, stick-n-puck or hockey)
  • 10% off in the pro-shop
  • A secondary insurance