Sportsplex Hockey League (SHL)

2020/2021 Season

Registration Open


The SHL is a no-check, adult (18 years+) recreational ice hockey league for players of all abilities. The SHL is divided into divisions according to ability of players/teams. The Spring Season runs from March 24th through June 13th, and is a 12 game season including 2 playoff games.

Program Features 

  • 4 Divisions of skill level, parity enforced at each level
  • 3 – 20 minute run-time periods
  • No checking, safe and competitive environment
  • Two USA Hockey certified referees at every game
  • Scorekeeper, online stats, and box scores
  • Sept to March and April to June leagues

Registration Details

Register individually

  • Individual Fee: various by season
  • Goalies pay 1/2 price
  • Players must register with USA Hockey prior to first game and send confirmation to the Sportsplex
  • Players must be current with all dues and be above 18 years of age per USA Hockey
  • Registrations can be made Online or at the Bellingham Sportsplex.


Nights and Times

  • Sunday – Over 40 (Evening)
  • Monday – Division 2 (Evening)
  • Tuesday – Division 4 (Evening)
  • Wednesday/Thursday – Division 3 (Evenings)
  • Thursday – Division 1 (Evening Scrimmage)


Can I register individually?
Absolutely! Teams in all levels are looking for players every year. Contact Jimmy Stussy before registering.

Can I sign up with friends/co-workers/relatives?
Absolutely! You can register with people you know and we will do our best to find a team for you to play together.

Can I sign up to be a sub goalie?
Yes we are always looking for goalies. Please contact Jimmy Stussy to get on the list.

What equipment is required for the League?
Full gear is required, full cage/shield is recommended.

What are the uniform requirements?
It is recommended that all teams have matching uniforms, including jerseys.

Is fighting/rough play allowed in SHL?
SHL is a non-checking league. Fighting is strictly prohibited. SHL promotes a safe environment for adults to play hockey and does not condone rough play. Players that fight or get excessive penalty minutes will be suspended. Refer to the SHL Rules for more information.

When will I find out my schedule?
The schedule is released about two weeks before the start of the season.

Where can I read more about the rules?
SHL games are played following the USA Hockey Rule Book.

Can I play on more than one team?
Players may be rostered on more than one team, provided they are approved to play at the particular level by the Hockey Director. Players can always play above the level at which they evaluated at, but not below. Players cannot play on more than one team in any division.

What are the roster limits?
Teams can have 12 – 15 registered spots, including one goaltender.


To register visit our online registration here. For more information contact: Jimmy Stussy, Hockey Director (360) 255-5032 or