Accepted Teams as of
Adult Teams
Coed 1/2 –Full
Coed 1/2 – Full
Coed 2 – Full
WO25 – 2 Spots
Ball Blasters Ball Blastera Soccer City Shooters
Boooberries Hooligans RD The Green Team
 Real Rascal Copper Hog FC Tree Huggers Happy Hour
 Farmstrong Flounders Organics FC Mooseknuckle Kinki Devils
 We Pass On Grass Best Buds Druid Farmers Kulshan Growlers
Northshore Vet
Purple Reign
Sofie’s Goldmine
MO30 – Full
MO40 – 4 Players
Men’s Open – 4 Spots
Stockton’s Paint
Kick Ballers Iron Gate Machine Jesus Manuever Underdogs
Los Sanchos FC Lester & Hydahl Raptor Pack Untied
Melvin Brewing Slo Pitch  Slo Pitch
Platypi TNT Signs
South Ham Wanderers
Goat Mountain
Adich Clinic
Rainier Tall Boys
 Going Ape
Coed 3 – 2 Spots
Coed 4 – Full
Coed 5 – Full
Coed 6 – Full
Blazzing Ninjas Kona Bikes FC Mafia del Futbol FBGM 701
Fighting Llamas Lobster Time! Emerald City Smoothies Kickin It Old School
Brandywine Kitchen Panda Fail Goaldiggers LIBC
 Skillz that Killz Legion Hooligans Mixed Nuts
 Katie’s Kickers Struggle Bus Flat Ballers Sportsplex Employees
 Bier n’Advil Old World Deli Pipes FC Orange Crush
Extreme Heat Falcons The Rubber Duckies Outkast
Business Time Chuckanut Brewery Whiskey Pete